Jewelry pics I promised...

Here are the pictures of the jewelry that I promised I'd post. Sorry, they're kinda blurry. I also forgot to mention in yesterday's post, when you let me know what colors you'd like, pick up to 3. If you want more colors, I charge $5 each additional color. Also, I will add a charm for $5 extra. Just let me know what you want. Ok, so here's the pics...above :)

Jewelry Info

Just thought I'd give some info about my jewelry. I use Swarovski crystals. However, if you would like something different, I am willing to do that as well. I make them when you order...I don't do them ahead of time...and after I receive your payment. As of right now, I only accept checks. I charge a flat rate shipping fee of $5. (Cost of shipping, packaging, gas, etc.) The prices are as follows...
Set of both.....$30
Some days I may post an extra gift for your purchase, so keep an eye open.
E-mail me at with your order and I will get it out to you as soon as possible. Once I receive your e-mail, I will send you a confirmation e-mail with my address to mail the check. Include your address in your e-mail, so that I will know where to send your purchase to. Also in your email please include the colors that you would like for your items to be. Be specific, don't just say blue. There are many shades of blue...sapphire, light sapphire, navy, turquoise, etc. I will do my best to get the shade as close as possible. Also let me know if you want gold or silver. I mainly do silver, but I can do gold too. I am looking forward to doing business with you! I will be posting some pictures of my previous jewelry soon.